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I am Karen Alexander.

I grew up in England, and I was painfully shy. I was taught that children should be seen and not heard, and I think I unconsciously harbored that archaic thought with me throughout my life. I wanted to fly under the radar and not be noticed, because that was scary to me.

Although this was my comfort zone at the time, as I grew older it lead to me feeling insignificant. Now, my goal is to help other women who feel the same way, break free of those shackles, so they can finally live their best lives, using the power of the internet.

I yearned to have the freedom to answer to only me, to have my own company, build my own legacy, and be able to do all the things I'd only dreamed about.

I'd like to show others that they can break free too, be their own boss, live their best lives, and they can have it all. There will be no more wallflowers here.

If this sounds like something you can relate to, I invite you to join me into this brave new world.

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